Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love in the snow

I like this picture to much, because it shows the “love of my life”…Juan Jose, my boyfriend :D This picture was taken by me in June 2011. I took it in Los Andes, when my family and me went out for a walk on the snow. I remember a lot that day because that was a beautiful and entertaining familiar day and I love the snow (it’s so funny!!!).

The picture shows my boyfriend and me, he is kissing me on my cheek; I like it because it is a very sweet kiss. And this picture is one of my favorite photos with my boyfriend, because that day we play whit the snow; we made a snowman, we threw snow balls (we made a snow war) and we slid on a surfboard.
I also like this photo because that day was the first time we visited the snow together. Well, I like our faces in love too xD because I thing it really captures our strong and sincere love :)