Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chile :)

I’ve always wanted visit Chile, yes, Chile… I know… I live here, but I know only Santiago, Caldera and Chillan, and Chile is very very long and it has a lot of tourist places and beautiful landscapes, Chile has all you can imagine!
You can visit a lot of climates in Chile, and different animals, birds, trees, plants, flowers, rivers, beaches, and a lot and diverse types of people with different traditions.
In special, I like visit the south of Chile, I don’t know so much about south of Chile because I only know Chillan, but I know it’s rainy and cold and I love the cold, the rain, the wind and the clouds. And I know it’s a rural place with a lot of vegetation and animals, and I prefer it than the city, the smog, the “transantiago”, and the noise. I love the nature, the silence, the tranquility of the countryside.
I like live there because is my favorite place to live, I’ve always wanted live in the south of Chile and have a house in a plot with animals in a farm xD I like live in a peaceful  place, without the stress, consumerism and hurry of the central city. But I like live near a town, I don`t want live like a solitary, in a peaceful place but not isolated, because I don’t want be psychologist of the cows, well…maybe xD    

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Love in the snow

I like this picture to much, because it shows the “love of my life”…Juan Jose, my boyfriend :D This picture was taken by me in June 2011. I took it in Los Andes, when my family and me went out for a walk on the snow. I remember a lot that day because that was a beautiful and entertaining familiar day and I love the snow (it’s so funny!!!).

The picture shows my boyfriend and me, he is kissing me on my cheek; I like it because it is a very sweet kiss. And this picture is one of my favorite photos with my boyfriend, because that day we play whit the snow; we made a snowman, we threw snow balls (we made a snow war) and we slid on a surfboard.
I also like this photo because that day was the first time we visited the snow together. Well, I like our faces in love too xD because I thing it really captures our strong and sincere love :)   

Thursday, 3 May 2012

A special family

“The Simpsons” is the best TV show for me; this animated series is about a family with the same name, this is composed of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and they represent a classic American family, well, a parody of this. I like The Simpsons because their histories are very funnies, I laugh very much with Homer, because he is so stupid and he does everything wrong but this is funny, and everything is normal at the end.
The Simpsons are different from other TV shows I have watched because they aren’t a typical happy family; they discuss everyday (but they do this amusingly), Homer is an irresponsible father, he sleeps in his work and he drinks a lot of beers, but he loves his family xD And Marge is addict to the cleaning and the games of chance. Burt is a devil but a stupid devil, Lisa is a little narcissistic genius and she loves the nature, and Maggie…well, she only sucks her pacifier and she not speaks.
The Simpsons make me feel identify with they, because my family do similar things xD I would like be Homer because a lot of entertaining things happen to him but always everything is right at the end. And, in spite of everything, I still think his character is the best and he is a good man, but a few crazy and stupid= funny to me!