Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chile :)

I’ve always wanted visit Chile, yes, Chile… I know… I live here, but I know only Santiago, Caldera and Chillan, and Chile is very very long and it has a lot of tourist places and beautiful landscapes, Chile has all you can imagine!
You can visit a lot of climates in Chile, and different animals, birds, trees, plants, flowers, rivers, beaches, and a lot and diverse types of people with different traditions.
In special, I like visit the south of Chile, I don’t know so much about south of Chile because I only know Chillan, but I know it’s rainy and cold and I love the cold, the rain, the wind and the clouds. And I know it’s a rural place with a lot of vegetation and animals, and I prefer it than the city, the smog, the “transantiago”, and the noise. I love the nature, the silence, the tranquility of the countryside.
I like live there because is my favorite place to live, I’ve always wanted live in the south of Chile and have a house in a plot with animals in a farm xD I like live in a peaceful  place, without the stress, consumerism and hurry of the central city. But I like live near a town, I don`t want live like a solitary, in a peaceful place but not isolated, because I don’t want be psychologist of the cows, well…maybe xD    

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  1. Chile is a beautiful place! you know ajjaja XD