Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blogging experience

In my opinion, blogs are useful for study and learn English because these are an entertaining tool for the students because it permits pupils write about their life and share it with other persons.
I enjoyed some entries, some entries not, because not all entries was of my interest, like “Technology”, I don’t like technology. I would have liked write about other things like our favorite food, or about other culture, or invent a story, etc. But I enjoyed write about seasons and about my favorite picture, about a TV show too. Well, I enjoyed blogs because I think it’s more entertaining than other class activities like listening… I prefer write!   
I think blogs improved my English because this activity forced me to use English xD and I learnt to use the dictionary and not the translator xD and I learnt many words writing entries of blogs and enjoyed reading entries of my classmates, because I knew something about their life.
In my opinion, the advantages of blogging, is the liberty of give our opinion about different topics, because in other subjects I only can write “quotes” about opinions of important persons xD and the disadvantages is some topics are bored, but not all.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

If raindrops were chocolate...

My favorite season is winter because I love cold days, the rain and the wind, I’m very happy on these days. Many people say: “Oh, this day is very ugly” when the day is cloudy or rainy, but when I wake up and see for the window, I think… it’s a perfect day!! and I’m smiling all day xD
I think the best thing about winter is feel the wind on my face, breathe the pure air and feel my wet hair for the rain, but the bad thing is the people without house, because when I finish of play under the rain, I come back to my house, change my clothes and go next to heater, and I think the people homeless is feeling cold all night long… I feel bad for play with the rain, when they want have a roof to shelter there. And the other thing bad, but it’s a superficial thing… is that my hair is very untidy, I look like a lion xD
Well, despite that, I prefer the winter, I like summer but only for the holidays, I like the sun but in the beach, because it’s intolerable in the city. Also, on winter I can walk under the rain with my boyfriend and kiss him under the rain like romantics movies xD also I can use my favorite clothes, I love the winter clothes, the sweaters, boots, coats, scarf, etc.  I love winter.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

My bedroom

This isn't my bedroom but I like it xD

I love my bedroom a lot; really, I like it always, because I do my favorite activity of the day in this place: sleep! I love sleep and stay in my bed a long time. Besides, I can listen my favorite music, I can study leisurely or simply think in my bed about life xD
In my bedroom I have a brown desk, where I have a lot of papers, copybooks, books or other things about university and classes; in this place I do my homework and read the texts for the tests. I have a closet too, two furniture and a sofa bed, but the most important thing is my bed xD really, I like my bed a lot, it’s so comfortable, soft and large… I sleep instantly when I lie down on it.
I have my actual bedroom two years ago, but I like “the bedrooms” always xD because in my old house I like it too, and more, because I have many memories about my childhood. Besides, my bedroom is important to me because this is the only place where I can be lonely for a little time and I can reflect about important decisions of my life. 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ignacio Martin-Baro

Ignacio Martín-Baró was born on November 7, 1942 in Valladolid of Spain, and he died on November 16, 1989 in “El Salvador”. He was a Jesuit priest from Spain and a great social psychologist who investigated the difficult social and political reality of a small Latin American country: “El Salvador”, where he was teacher at American University "Jose Simeon Cañas” and he founded a prestigious institute of public opinion: the IUDOP. He has published 11 books and a long list of cultural and scientific articles in various journals.
He worked hard for the human rights, the equality and the social justice in “El Salvador”. He criticized the negative impact of United States politics on his country too. He was a follower of the Liberation Theology, he was the father of social psychology of the liberation and he was the main figure of Latin American social psychology, especially in community psychology and political psychology. These are examples about his important work.
I admire him a lot because I think the hegemony of the psychology is only an instrument of the dominant power of the government, and persons like Martín-Baró help to the liberation and emancipation of the popular sector of the society, and they work really important psychosocial aspects of the people.