Thursday, 14 June 2012

My bedroom

This isn't my bedroom but I like it xD

I love my bedroom a lot; really, I like it always, because I do my favorite activity of the day in this place: sleep! I love sleep and stay in my bed a long time. Besides, I can listen my favorite music, I can study leisurely or simply think in my bed about life xD
In my bedroom I have a brown desk, where I have a lot of papers, copybooks, books or other things about university and classes; in this place I do my homework and read the texts for the tests. I have a closet too, two furniture and a sofa bed, but the most important thing is my bed xD really, I like my bed a lot, it’s so comfortable, soft and large… I sleep instantly when I lie down on it.
I have my actual bedroom two years ago, but I like “the bedrooms” always xD because in my old house I like it too, and more, because I have many memories about my childhood. Besides, my bedroom is important to me because this is the only place where I can be lonely for a little time and I can reflect about important decisions of my life. 

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