Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blogging experience

In my opinion, blogs are useful for study and learn English because these are an entertaining tool for the students because it permits pupils write about their life and share it with other persons.
I enjoyed some entries, some entries not, because not all entries was of my interest, like “Technology”, I don’t like technology. I would have liked write about other things like our favorite food, or about other culture, or invent a story, etc. But I enjoyed write about seasons and about my favorite picture, about a TV show too. Well, I enjoyed blogs because I think it’s more entertaining than other class activities like listening… I prefer write!   
I think blogs improved my English because this activity forced me to use English xD and I learnt to use the dictionary and not the translator xD and I learnt many words writing entries of blogs and enjoyed reading entries of my classmates, because I knew something about their life.
In my opinion, the advantages of blogging, is the liberty of give our opinion about different topics, because in other subjects I only can write “quotes” about opinions of important persons xD and the disadvantages is some topics are bored, but not all.


  1. the liberty of give our opinion.... great phrase!

  2. I like too. I enjoy to write about the keyboard pant! jajaja

  3. I thing we all use the translator! ajaja